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Massage Therapy

Every massage is available as part of a couples massage in our candle lit room for two.  

We include heated neck pillows, organic oil or lotion, and a foot cleansing ritual.

Wellbeing Massage

This classic Swedish massage will loosen your muscles,

calm your nerves, and

clear your mind.

This is not a deep pressure  massage.

60 minutes   $125

90 minutes   $185

Repair Massage

We'll add more pressure,

use advanced techniques,

and apply contrast therapy-

warm packs and a cooling herbal balm- to help repair muscles. 

60 minutes  $140

 90 minutes  $200 

Fusion Massage

Aromatherapy oil,

warm basalt stones,

and bamboo sticks

are used to massage

your back and shoulders.

60 minutes   $140

 90 minutes   $200


Restoring Massage

Arnica is a flower with pain relieving properties, used in our massage oil and topical gel.


60 minutes   $140

90 minutes   $200

Refresh Massage

We'll focus on relieving pressure from the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Helps with migraine or tension headaches, jaw pain, sinus pressure, and desk life.

60 minutes   $140

90 minutes   $200

Hydration Massage

Starts with a light skin brushing with a sea sponge, followed by the massage, using our most luxurious oil blend to nourish your skin.

60 minutes  $140

90 minutes  $200

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