Massage Therapy

Wellbeing Massage

This restorative massage uses classic techniques with medium pressure and aromatherapy oil.

60 minutes.      $110

75 minutes       $140

90 minutes       $165

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic

  For those who need more pressure, 

we may use muscle balm and heat

packs to help circulation and ease discomfort.

 60 minutes  $120

 75 minutes  $150

 90 minutes  $175

 Hot Stone & Bamboo 

Our signature massage uses heated basalt stones and bamboo sticks to increase circulation by gliding over and applying pressure to muscles.

60 minutes    $120

75 minutes    $150

90 minutes    $175

Prenatal Massage

Take time for yourself during this

sacred time to decrease stress and

feel comforted with a relaxing

massage, after first trimester.

60 minutes.  $110

Couples Massage

Choose any massage you like and we will personalize your therapy session.  Select any two massages from the menu on this page.

60 minutes

75 minutes

90 minutes

           Gift Certificates

  Our gift certificates are available all year, so please call the spa to arrange.



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