Massage Therapy

All of our services include warm packs, a cleansing foot ritual, and aromatherapy.

Wellbeing Massage

This classic massage will loosen your muscles, calm your nerves, and clear your mind using light to medium pressure.

60 minutes    $125

75 minutes    $155

90 minutes    $185

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic

For those who prefer firm pressure, your therapist may use arnica lotion along with their forearms, elbow or knuckles to increase circulation in the muscle tissue. 

 60 minutes  $140

75 minutes  $170

90 minutes  $200


 Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy the warmth of hot stones working your neck, back, and shoulders in this massage.

60 minutes    $140

75 minutes    $170

90 minutes    $200

Lavender + CBD Massage

For those who want to indulge in the best experience in relaxation.

60 minutes   $150

75 minutes   $180

90 minutes   $210

Couples Massage

Share some time together in our couples room and drift away.

60 min $125-150 per person

 75 min  $155-180 per person 

90 min $185-210 per person

          Prenatal Massage

You deserve a soothing massage that will help decrease stress and tension, after your first trimester.

60 minutes  $ 125