Massage Therapy

All of our services include warm packs, a cleansing foot ritual, and aromatherapy.

Wellbeing Massage

Our botanical hemp oil blend will nourish your skin while  helping to restore and relax you using medium pressure.

60 minutes    $110

75 minutes    $140

90 minutes    $165

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic

  Firm pressure, effective techniques, and healing arnica massage oil will help ease muscle tension and restrictions.

 60 minutes  $120

 75 minutes  $150

 90 minutes  $175

 Hot Stone Massage

Heated basalt stones will feel great on your neck, back, and shoulders while increasing circulation. 

60 minutes    $120

75 minutes    $150

90 minutes    $175

Zen Bamboo Massage

Especially for those who need deep tissue, warm bamboo sticks roll over your muscles to flush out impurities, using lemongrass and ginger aromatherapy.

60 minutes   $120

75 minutes   $150

90 minutes   $175

Couples Massage

Choose the two massages you each like from the menu on either page and the price will be the total of both.

60 minutes    starts at $220

  75 minutes    starts at $280  

90 minutes    starts at $330

           Prenatal Massage

Indulge in a soothing massage

at this special time to decrease stress and feel comforted,

after first trimester.

60 minutes  $ 110


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