body + massage


Healing Hydrotherapy

For sore and achy muscles, hot towels steeped in arnica oil are rested and compressed on your body, followed by a healing massage.

 60 minutes    $125

75 minutes     $155


This ocean inspired treatment begins with a salt polish for your hands and feet and includes a head, neck, and shoulder


60 minutes    $125


Love Lavender

The healing power of lavender, an anti-inflammatory, sleep aid and anxiety reliever, will ease symptoms.  This favorite includes a lavender sugar polish for the back, and a stress relieving massage with lavender aromatherapy.

60 minutes    $125

Headache Relief

This treatment is for those who have a tension headache, a 

sore neck, or sinus pressure.      An incredible scalp massage with aromatherapy will help alleviate your symptoms.

60 minutes    $110


Sun Soother

For sunburns and overall dryness, our organic aloe and rosehip body gel masque is lightly massaged into your skin, to help replenish and moisturize. 

60 minutes    $110

Sea Greens Body Masque

This luxury green body clay will remineralize you and begins with a light dry brushing to move lymphatic retention. 

60 minutes    $125 

75 minutes    $155