Massage Therapy

Wellbeing Massage

This restorative massage uses classic techniques with medium pressure and botanical aromatherapy.

60 minutes.     $95

75 minutes       $125

90 minutes       $150

120 minutes     $200      

This massage is for those who prefer a firm pressure to help alleviate muscular tension. 

60 minutes  $110

75 minutes   $140

90 minutes  $165

120 minutes $220

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue

Golf and Tennis Elbow

  Focus on lateral or medial         epicondylitis, to get you back faster

  to your game.

  60 minutes  $100

Zen Bamboo Massage

This favorite includes warmed bamboo sticks for a deep tissue massage with aromatherapy.  

60 minutes    $120

75 minutes    $150

90 minutes    $180

Heated basalt stones are used to increase circulation and to apply pressure to muscles, leaving you to feel grounded and balanced.

60 minutes  $120

75 minutes   $150

90 minutes   $180

Hot Stone Massage


  Upgrade your spa experience by purchasing any of our therapeutic 

remedies used in your service to 

extend your wellness routine.

Prenatal Massage

Take time to be pampered and  decrease stress.  Our uplifting body oil will replenish your skin and bring harmony during this special time.

60 minutes    $110

Spend time together in our candlelit 

room for a truly peaceful experience

with any combination of massages.

Couples Massage

           Gift Certificates

  Our gift certificates are available all year, so please call the spa to arrange.