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Massage Therapy

All of our therapeutic massages are available as part of a couples massage.

Wellbeing Massage

This classic Swedish massage will loosen your muscles, calm your nerves, and clear your mind.

60 minutes    $125

90 minutes   $175

Deep Tissue Massage

We add more pressure

and an herbal balm

to help focus areas. 

60 minutes  $140

 90 minutes  $190 


Couples Massage

Share your time together

in our candle lit couples room. 

 Both Wellbeing 

60 min-$250  90 min-$350

One of Each      

60 min=$265. 90 min-$365

Both Deep Tissue

60-$280 90 min-$380 

Tropical Delight

Our Organic Coconut Oil

blend nourishes your skin

before or after a day in the sun.  


60 minutes   $125

90 minutes   $175

Focused Massage

Not a classic massage,

as we will focus on the areas

that are of concern.

60 minutes   $140

 90 minutes   $190

Love Love Lavender

Breathe in this lovely herbal aroma and let the relaxing take over with our truly delightful and

de-stressing massage. 

60 minutes  $125

90 minutes  $175


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